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How to have a Happy Halloween during quarantine: Safe Ideas to Celebrate

Quarantine Safe Ways to Celebrate Halloween

The corona virus pandemic has most of the world in quarantine right now. With a lot of us stuck at home, it can be difficult to find ways to celebrate events such as Halloween. Below is a list of ideas on how you can still have a happy Halloween during quarantine.

DIY Halloween Decorations

There are tons of fun, DIY projects you can do at home for Halloween! One idea is to have your kids go outside to collect fallen leaves, then iron them into wax paper for a fun, fall display. You can also make fun crafts and other decorations out of various items such as creating “mummies” by wrapping toilet paper on cardboard cutout shapes and adding a pair of googley eyes. You can also google “Halloween craft ideas” and see what other ideas you can have fun with, all from the safety of your home.

Homemade Candy

We all know that candy is one of the best parts of Halloween!  Making your own only adds to the fun. There are plenty of great recipes that you can create at home. This is also a great option for kids with food allergies or health issues because you can tailor make candy that avoids allergens and dietary triggers. 

Costume Creation 

Making costumes with your kids is a great bonding project and helps them express their individuality and creativity! Letting your child design and create their own costume is a safe way to let them still enjoy one of the most exciting parts of Halloween without possible exposure to Corona Virus.

 Make a Virtual Family Event

Due to the pandemic, If your kids are not able to go trick or treating, another option is to create a fun event at home. Let your kids put on a “play” or “show” in their costumes. They can pretend to be their favorite character, express creativity and you can even live stream the “play” on social media for grandparents and relatives to be a part of the fun too!

We here at Hope healing Happy Co. hope you are able to enjoy Halloween despite the pandemic.

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Natural Ways to Protect yourself from Sun damage

Natural Ways to Protect yourself from Sun damage


The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research and the Food and Drug administration (FDA) has raised concerns over the chemical composition of sunscreen products. Many studies have shown that sunscreens contain chemicals that can seep into the bloodstream and may be linked to certain health problems.

But sun exposure itself comes with risks, so what can we do to protect ourselves from both UV rays and chemicals?

Natural Ways to Protect yourself from Sun damage

  • Avoid sunlight during the hours where the sun’s UV rays are the most dangerous (such as midday-afternoon)
  • Stay in the shade during outside activities.
  • Wear appropriate clothing that shields your skin from damage.
  • Avoid over-exposure to direct sunlight and wear proper skin protection.

You can use a natural sunscreen solution made with organic products to prevent sunburn without exposing yourself to chemicals in traditional sunscreen products. Below is a recipe you can make at home to protect you and your family from harmful UV rays in a more natural way.



  • 6 teaspoons Shea Butter
  • 8 teaspoons ofzinc oxide powder   
  • 12 teaspoons of choice carrier oil (almond, olive or jojoba)
  • 6 teaspoons of Vitamin E oil
  • 6 teaspoons of beeswax pellets


  1. Melt shea butter and beeswax in double boiling pot on stove top.
  2. Once melted, mix in the carrier oil and vitamin E oil.
  3. Stir until blended.
  4. Carefully mix in the zinc oxide powder.
  5. It is recommended you wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose to avoid breathing in the powder.
  6. Mix thoroughly until all ingredients have blended.
  7. Allow mixture to cool.
  8. Pour mixture into glass container.
  9. Store in a cool, dry place away from kids and pets.

To Use

Apply a generous amount to areas which will be exposed to sunlight. Careful to avoid getting into eyes or mouth. Reapply as needed after swimming or excess sweating.


Sunshine is an important factor in human health, but common sense and moderation are key to living a healthy life. Please be responsible with your sun exposure.

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Kid Friendly Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

Kid Friendly Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender can be a great addition to your child’s life. There are many ways to incorporate this natural remedy into your parenting. Below is a list of great ways you can use lavender for your kids.

Make Bedtime Easier. Spraying a light mist of lavender hydrosol or spray to your child’s pillow can help them fall asleep easier. You can also add lavender to the diffuser in their room before bed.

Boost Bath Time. Adding a few drops lavender essential oil to a warm bath is a pampering, calming experience for any child.  Be sure they do not ingest the water or get it into their eyes or mouth.

Reduce Anxiety.  Applying a diluted solution of lavender essential oil to your child’s wrists, chest and soles of their feet can help reduce anxiety and induce a calmer state.

Skin Care Remedy.  Lavender can be a safe, natural remedy to treat common skin irritants such as poison ivy, mosquito bites and eczema.

Head Lice Treatment. Lavender essential oil can be used to naturally get rid of head lice when adding a diluted solution directly to the scalp.

Be sure to use a 100% natural lavender product and check with your child’s doctor before trying any holistic treatment.