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How to have a Happy Halloween during quarantine: Safe Ideas to Celebrate

Quarantine Safe Ways to Celebrate Halloween

The corona virus pandemic has most of the world in quarantine right now. With a lot of us stuck at home, it can be difficult to find ways to celebrate events such as Halloween. Below is a list of ideas on how you can still have a happy Halloween during quarantine.

DIY Halloween Decorations

There are tons of fun, DIY projects you can do at home for Halloween! One idea is to have your kids go outside to collect fallen leaves, then iron them into wax paper for a fun, fall display. You can also make fun crafts and other decorations out of various items such as creating “mummies” by wrapping toilet paper on cardboard cutout shapes and adding a pair of googley eyes. You can also google “Halloween craft ideas” and see what other ideas you can have fun with, all from the safety of your home.

Homemade Candy

We all know that candy is one of the best parts of Halloween!  Making your own only adds to the fun. There are plenty of great recipes that you can create at home. This is also a great option for kids with food allergies or health issues because you can tailor make candy that avoids allergens and dietary triggers. 

Costume Creation 

Making costumes with your kids is a great bonding project and helps them express their individuality and creativity! Letting your child design and create their own costume is a safe way to let them still enjoy one of the most exciting parts of Halloween without possible exposure to Corona Virus.

 Make a Virtual Family Event

Due to the pandemic, If your kids are not able to go trick or treating, another option is to create a fun event at home. Let your kids put on a “play” or “show” in their costumes. They can pretend to be their favorite character, express creativity and you can even live stream the “play” on social media for grandparents and relatives to be a part of the fun too!

We here at Hope healing Happy Co. hope you are able to enjoy Halloween despite the pandemic.

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Back to School Life Hacks

Going back to school can be a stressful yet exciting time of year. There are many life hacks you can add to your child’s life to get the school year started right!

Below is a list of ways you can help your child get back to school easier.

  • Set a Sleep Schedule.

The National Sleep foundation recommends adults need at least 8 hours of sleep per night for adequate function and also suggest that children may need 10 to 12 hours, depending on their age.  It is important to set a regular sleep schedule with a consistent bedtime and wake up time to help your child function at their best capacity. A child who does not get enough sleep can be cranky and may not function as well during the day. They need proper sleep to learn and be their best selves!


  • Adequate Nutrition.

A breakfast of pop tarts, doughnuts or other sugary foods such as syrup covered pancakes or sugary cereals are not the healthiest choices for your child to eat before they head off to school. A balanced breakfast of a protein source such as eggs and organic milk is a much better option. Your child will be able to focus better and can avoid a sugar high with a nutritious breakfast.

Also, if you are packing your child’s lunch, be sure you are providing them with healthy options they will actually eat. Picky children may need to try a variety of healthy choices before sticking to a healthy snack they prefer. You are not helping your child in the long run if you only feed them processed, unhealthy snack foods.



  • Use Essential Oils.

Many children have separation anxiety when going back to school. Applying a small diluted amount of a comforting essential oil to your child’s neck, wrists and collarbone may help them feel calmer and have a better morning when you drop them off at school. Good examples of calming essential oils are lavender, sweet orange, chamomile and lime. Basically, any essential oil your child prefers can be safely applied in a diluted solution.  (Olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil or sunflower oil can be used for dilution)


Mornings can be quite hectic, so it can benefit you and your child to prepare for the next school day the night before. Create a system that ensures homework is completed and in its rightful place, lunches are prepared and bookbags are ready to go. You can also help your child find some autonomy by allowing them to help pick out their clothes for the next day!



  • Don’t forget to Play!

At the end of the day, you and your child will most likely be fatigued and need some sort of destressing. It is important to remember that children still need to be children. Ensure they have a time of play and are able to relax after being at school all day. You as a parent can use this time to learn about their day, speak with them and bond with your kids. Be a listening ear and encourage your child to communicate with you about how their day was. In the time between school, homework and bedtime those are the moments you can spend one on one with your kids.


Here’s to an amazing school year!


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What are Wool Dryer Balls and Why You Should Use Them

What are Wool Dryer Balls and Why You Should Use Them


Laundry is a task all adults have to manage, after all, clean clothes are a necessity in this life. But many people would be shocked to know that they are unknowingly exposing themselves to toxic chemicals by using items such as dryer sheets.

Researchers at the University of Washington, led by Dr. Anne Steinemann, a professor of civil and environmental engineering and public affairs, expounded research to discover the chemical composition of laundry products. They conducted a study that examined laundry detergents, dryer sheets, soaps, and many other household products from a wide variety of companies.

The study revealed that every single product which was tested emitted at least one chemical classified as toxic or hazardous and eleven of the tested products emitted at least one probable carcinogen according to EPA classification standards.

For the best health possible, it is important to eliminate as much toxic exposure as you can. A great way to do this is to replace the chemical laden products in  your home with natural, alternative solutions.

One of the household items you can easily replace are dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are filled with chemicals and can be switched with wool dryer balls!

What are wool dryer balls?

Wool dryer balls are exactly what they sound like, balls of 100% wool that are felted and rolled into a circle to make them extremely durable.

Why should I switch to wool dryer balls?

Dryer balls are a great natural alternative to traditional dryer sheets for a number of reasons.

  • Save Money! Wool dryer balls are more cost effective than spending money on dryer sheets. You can use dryer balls for years instead of using disposable dryer sheets that you cannot re-use.
  • Love the Planet! Wool dryer balls are eco-friendly and because they are a natural compound are biodegradable. You will eliminate the trash you would have accumulated by using disposable dryer sheets.
  • Eliminate Chemicals! You can make your laundry loads smell clean and fresh by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil right onto the wool dryer balls. You can get great smelling clothes, sheets and towels without exposing yourself to harsh toxins.

How do I use wool dryer balls?

Wool dryer balls are as simple to use as purchasing a 100% pure wool product and popping it into your dryer! You can use 2-6 balls depending on the size of your load.

Wool dryer balls are a wonderful natural alternative to keeping your laundry fresh without exposing yourself and your family to chemicals.

For more information on natural household tips, check out the rest of our blog!

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Proper Cleaning of Essential Oil Diffusers

Proper Cleaning of Essential Oil Diffusersaroma-4076727_1920

Anyone who practices aromatherapy can tell you the benefits from using an essential oil diffuser. These machines allow us to fill our homes, offices and even cars with the therapeutic effects of essential oils. But if not cleaned properly, essential oil diffusers can actually become a health hazard.

Below is a list of how to properly care for your essential oil diffuser.

1-      Choose a high quality essential oil diffuser. There are multiple types of diffusers:  ultrasonic, nebulizing, heat and evaporative.

Ultrasonic diffusers work by emitting oil particles into the air when added to water.  Nebulizing diffusers are waterless yet they work by emitting particles of essential oils into the air. Evaporative diffusers typically disperse the essential oils by using a fan mechanism. Heat diffusers transfer essential oils into the air by using high temperatures. Choosing the right diffuser for you is a personal choice depending on the types of oils you diffuse for what benefit and also the size of the environment you are diffusing in. They all have different benefits and only you can choose what is right for you. You can also purchase multiple ones for different uses. Either way, diffusers are a great way to incorporate aromatherapy into your life!


2-      Change the water between oils. It can be tempting to just keep adding drops to your diffuser but it will distort the scent and therapeutic effects. Certain essential oils do not blend well together (such as cinnamon and eucalyptus) So, it is imperative you start fresh when you are diffusing. To achieve the best aromatherapy possible, change the water between scents.


3-      Use high quality, therapeutic grade oils. Discount and low-quality oils are typically filled with additives that can clog or harm your diffuser. Before you purchase any essential oils, be sure that it is a high-quality product that is pure. Mary Tylor Natural’s line of essential oils are USDA certified to be top quality, therapeutic grade for holistic uses.


4-      Once a week, remove the water from your diffuser and wipe the interior with a tiny amount (1tsp) of rubbing alcohol. Allow to completely dry before adding water again. This will dry any excess oils left behind so you can begin to diffuse fresh scents at the next use!


5-      Keep the connecting power cord dry when you are replacing the water. It is common for people to accidentally splash water when they are adding to their diffuser but this can actually corrode the power cord and cause it to malfunction. Always unplug your diffuser before you change or add water to prevent the risk of electrocution.

Precautions: Be sure to keep your essential oil diffuser in a safe place away from children and pets. Certain essential oils are not safe for children and you should use caution when diffusing. Certain essential oils do not blend well together. Please research which oils are safe to mix before attempting to blend them.


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Candles: Comforting or Cancer Causing?

Candles: Comforting or Cancer Causing?

Candles are a staple of relaxing comfort in most American homes, but most people would be alarmed to discover that candles can be toxic and harmful to their health. Candles can contain chemicals which are known to damage the human body and cause cancer. Exposure to these chemicals have also been linked to lung and central nervous system damage and have been a precursor to developmental difficulties in children. (Source: Professor of Civil Engineering, and Chair of Sustainable Cities, at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Anne Steinemann)

The University of Michigan released a study that revealed 30% of candles contained lead. When lit, these candles emit toxins into the air and we inhale them. Our lungs can easily become damaged when exposed to led, so the safety of lead containing candles is definitely questionable.

Paraffin is another common candle ingredient which is toxic. It is a waste product created from petroleum, and yet it is placed into candles and sold despite it’s negative effects. When heated, paraffin releases a carcinogenic chemical in the air. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that, “Pure paraffin wax is widely regarded as non-toxic, but may possess some carcinogenic properties.” (Source: OSHA- Ref 5.3)

The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 passed in the State of California revealed that there are at least seven major toxins in paraffin wax. Paraffin wax falls into the category of toxic chemicals known as petrochemicals, which are byproducts derived from petroleum.  Yes! Petroleum, which includes fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, and diesel oil.  So essentially, when you are lighting a paraffin wax candle you are allowing gasoline-like toxins to enter the air in your home.

Fortunately, there are natural replacements for the toxin filled candles in your home. Beeswax candles are a natural, safe alternative you can add to your household instead. Mary Tylor Naturals, LLC proudly offers organic beeswax which can be used in a variety ways, including homemade candles!

Replacing the toxic chemicals we are exposed to is a critical step into achieving optimal health.  Beeswax is an all-natural, yellow or dark brown wax secreted by honeybees. It can be used to replace the toxins in beauty products, polishes, creams and even candles!

Beeswax is a 100% natural product. Candles made from beeswax also have many health benefits unlike toxic paraffin candles. When heated, Beeswax candles emit negative ions. Negative ions are believed to increase the body’s production of serotonin, which is the brain’s “happy chemical.” The release of negative ions can aid in stress relief and improve our moods. Negative ions also purify  the air and are especially beneficial to those with respiratory issues such as asthma, emphysema and lung diseases.  (Source: Dr. Michael Terman, PhD, of Columbia University in New York.)

If you are looking for a safe alternative to toxic chemicals, beeswax candles are a great substitute with amazing health benefits. Hope, Healing, Happy Co offers high quality beeswax candles that are sure to improve your life!