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Candles: Comforting or Cancer Causing?

Candles: Comforting or Cancer Causing?

Candles are a staple of relaxing comfort in most American homes, but most people would be alarmed to discover that candles can be toxic and harmful to their health. Candles can contain chemicals which are known to damage the human body and cause cancer. Exposure to these chemicals have also been linked to lung and central nervous system damage and have been a precursor to developmental difficulties in children. (Source: Professor of Civil Engineering, and Chair of Sustainable Cities, at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Anne Steinemann)

The University of Michigan released a study that revealed 30% of candles contained lead. When lit, these candles emit toxins into the air and we inhale them. Our lungs can easily become damaged when exposed to led, so the safety of lead containing candles is definitely questionable.

Paraffin is another common candle ingredient which is toxic. It is a waste product created from petroleum, and yet it is placed into candles and sold despite it’s negative effects. When heated, paraffin releases a carcinogenic chemical in the air. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that, “Pure paraffin wax is widely regarded as non-toxic, but may possess some carcinogenic properties.” (Source: OSHA- Ref 5.3)

The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 passed in the State of California revealed that there are at least seven major toxins in paraffin wax. Paraffin wax falls into the category of toxic chemicals known as petrochemicals, which are byproducts derived from petroleum.  Yes! Petroleum, which includes fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, and diesel oil.  So essentially, when you are lighting a paraffin wax candle you are allowing gasoline-like toxins to enter the air in your home.

Fortunately, there are natural replacements for the toxin filled candles in your home. Beeswax candles are a natural, safe alternative you can add to your household instead. Mary Tylor Naturals, LLC proudly offers organic beeswax which can be used in a variety ways, including homemade candles!

Replacing the toxic chemicals we are exposed to is a critical step into achieving optimal health.  Beeswax is an all-natural, yellow or dark brown wax secreted by honeybees. It can be used to replace the toxins in beauty products, polishes, creams and even candles!

Beeswax is a 100% natural product. Candles made from beeswax also have many health benefits unlike toxic paraffin candles. When heated, Beeswax candles emit negative ions. Negative ions are believed to increase the body’s production of serotonin, which is the brain’s “happy chemical.” The release of negative ions can aid in stress relief and improve our moods. Negative ions also purify  the air and are especially beneficial to those with respiratory issues such as asthma, emphysema and lung diseases.  (Source: Dr. Michael Terman, PhD, of Columbia University in New York.)

If you are looking for a safe alternative to toxic chemicals, beeswax candles are a great substitute with amazing health benefits. Hope, Healing, Happy Co offers high quality beeswax candles that are sure to improve your life!


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Great Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

Great Ways to Celebrate Independence Day


July 4th has been a favorite American holiday since 1776. It is the day set aside to celebrate the legal founding of the United States of America. According to historians, the first 4th of July was celebrated with bell ringing, gun salutes and of course, fireworks, which remain a touted tradition!

John Adams, the second US president, wanted to make sure Independence Day was made an American tradition. He wrote to his wife in a letter stating, “I believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be celebrated by pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other.”

Below is a list of great activities to celebrate Independence Day!


A great way to celebrate July 4th is to plant a garden. You can find colorful flowers, plants and herbs at your local greenhouse or home improvement store. Gardening is a great way to get your family involved and to take advantage of the freedom to grow your own food in America.

Chalk Art

Go purchase a chalk art kit at your local department store and create a masterpiece in your driveway or sidewalk. You can decorate the concrete or asphalt with designs, words and art to celebrate! This is a great activity for kids to be creative.

(Note: Be sure to check the temperature of the concrete or asphalt before allowing children to play on it, as it can be hot and cause burns. It is best to do this activity in the cool of the day or early evening.)

Enjoy Nature

Taking a walk in the sunshine, enjoying a nature hike or visiting a local park are great ways to take advantage of your July 4th holiday. If you don’t want to go far, simply enjoy the day in your very own backyard!

Discover Local History

America has many historic sites and places you can visit. You can search the internet for local historical sites and discover the history around you. You may be surprised to find out the story behind the place you live or the famous people who may have lived there too!


No matter how you celebrate Independence Day, remember that the best life is a natural life and we here at Hope, healing, happy co are here to help!