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Immune Boosting Essential Oils 

Immune Boosting Essential Oils 

Proper hygiene is essential to the prevention of viruses and pathogens but other than washing your hands how can you protect yourself? Below is a is list of essential oils that you can use to naturally disinfect and promote wellness.  


This oil contains many healing ingredients such as: Phellandrene, Limonene, Pinene, Borneol, Farnesol and Myrcene which all have anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. Research published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information revealed that 70% of patients showed improvement in their respiratory issues when they were treated with gum resin of the Boswellia tree, also known as Frankincense. 

Diffusing frankincense is a great natural way to support respiratory health.  


It’s been proven that stress can lower the immune system, so stress relief is an important variable in keeping a healthy immune system. The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center research suggests that the use of lemongrass aromatherapy to may help patients with anxiety and stress relief. Diffusing lemongrass in your home or office diffuser can help you feel more relaxed and calmer, therefore boosting your immune system. 

Tea Tree 

.It is a naturally anti-microbial and antiseptic compound which can clean a wound naturally and effectively. It is very beneficial in preventing infections and bacterial growth. This oil can be used as a natural hand sanitizer. It is a great substitute to alcohol solutions. It has been scientifically proven to kill viruses and bacteria such as E. coli, S. pneumoniae and H. influenza. You can put it on your hands the same as you would use the antiseptic gels such as purell to cleanse your skin before a meal or after shaking hands with someone. 

According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, Tea Tree oil has also been proven to be an effective treatment against many fungal infections such as Athlete’s foot. This oil has natural, bacterial and fungal killing properties which can be used as a natural fungal treatment. 

Placing a diluted solution of Tea Tree Essential Oil in the ear canal has been shown to help naturally treat ear infections and reduce the pain associated with inner ear inflammation. 

Do not use any alternative treatment without first consulting your licensed healthcare provider. Be sure you are using 100% pure essential oils that do not contain fillers or artificial ingredients.

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Make your own Natural Air Gel Freshener

Aromatherapy with essential oils is a much safer option to freshen your home without exposing you and your family to toxic air freshener products. Below is a recipe to create your own DIY gel air freshener you can safely use in your home, office or even your car.  

Natural Gel Air Freshener 



2 packs unflavored gelatin 

1 tablespoons table salt 

1-2 teaspoons essential oil of choice 

Glass container (Mason jars work well) 

Seed sprouter lid 

Food coloring (Optional)  


1-Heat 3/4 cup water and 1 tablespoon of salt in a small saucepan 

2-Slowly add the gelatin and stir until completely dissolved   

3- Remove from heat   

4-Add 1/4 cup water 
5- Carefully pour into the mason jar

6- Add up to 1 teaspoon of essential oil of choice into jar

(Optional- Add food coloring of choice)  

7- Add seed starter lid to jar lid.  

8- Allow to cool for 12 hours.   

Keep the air freshener in a safe place away from kids and pets. 

Also be sure you are using only high-quality essential oils that do not contain other fillers.  


Essential Oil blends Perfect for the Fall Season

Aromatherapy has been scientifically proven to trigger your olfactory senses, which improves circulation and can help you feel calmer and improve your general feeling of wellness. There are many blends used to treat physical, emotional and psychological ailments and promote general well-being.  The use of essential oils is widely practiced in holistic and alternative medicine.

There are hundreds of essential oil options, blends and remedies for just about every ailment. A holistic health practitioner or aromatherapist can help guide you to oils to improve your well-being. Essential oils can be applied in various different ways and some can even be taken internally for medicinal purposes. 

Below is a list of wonderful essential oil blends perfect for the fall season.  

Diffuser Blend Recipe: Thanksgiving Bliss Blend

3 Drops Cinnamon Essential Oil

2 Drops Vanilla Essential Oil

Add these ingredients into your diffuser 1-3 hours for an inviting Thanksgiving aroma!

Diffuser Blend Recipe: Autumn Aromatherapy

4 Drops Orange essential oil

3 Drops Bergamot Essential Oil

Add these ingredients into your diffuser create autumn inspired aromatherapy!

Diffuser Blend Recipe: Spooky Scented Halloween Fragrance

4 Drops Cinnamon Essential Oil

3 Drops Clove Essential Oil

2 Drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Add these ingredients into your diffuser and enjoy a spooky Halloween scent!

Diffuser Blend Recipe: Congestion Relief

4 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

2 drops Lemon Essential Oil

1 drop Peppermint Essential Oil

Add these ingredients into your diffuser to naturally relieve sinus congestion!

Diffuser Blend Recipe: Fresh Forest Scent

4 Drops Spearmint Essential Oil

3 Drops Clary Sage Essential Oil

2 Drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Add these ingredients into your diffuser to enjoy a fresh forest scent!

Do not ingest any essential oil without first checking with your physician, as some essential oils can interact with medications or certain conditions. Secondly, be sure you are using a bio-friendly, 100% therapeutic grade oil. Do not ingest a low-quality oil, as they may be filled with other products and not 100% pure.

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Great ways to use Essential Oils with Masks!

Great ways to use Essential Oils with Masks!

According to the CDC, when used in conjunction with safe practices such as social distancing, handwashing and proper hygiene practices, masks are believed to reduce the risk of exposure to large airborne pathogens. But did you know that there are ways you can incorporate essential oils into your mask usage?

Below is a list of ways you can use essential oils in conjunction with using masks.

  • Anti-Anxiety Treatment.

Some people find wearing a mask to be constricting and anxiety producing, so adding a few drops of a calming essential oil such as lavender to your mask can help you feel calmer and more relaxed.


  • Natural Nausea Relief.

If you struggle with issues such as nausea or motion sickness, applying ginger or peppermint essential oils to your mask may give you natural nausea relief.


  • Anti-septic Cleansing.

It is important to remember to wash your mask after every single use to prevent respiratory infections and bacterial growth from harming your health. Washing your mask with hot water and soaking it in a mixture of naturally antiseptic essential oils such as lemon and tea tree can help keep your mask clean.


  • Energize yourself.

There are many essential oils that can help you find energy and better focus such as orange, rosemary and spearmint. These essential oils are scientifically shown to trigger your olfactory senses and can help you stay on task and be in a better mood!



  • Anti- Acne cleanse.

Wearing masks can potentially cause acne breakouts in some people due to oil, dirt and makeup that can be confined into pores with the excess pressure of masks on the face. This is why it is important to wash your face thoroughly to prevent “maskne” breakouts. You can use essential oils on your face to naturally prevent and treat acne. A diluted solution of Tea tree essential oil can be safely used as a natural astringent. Also, lemon essential oil is great for spot treatments on pimples.


Whether you are using masks for a quick trip to the grocery store or through hours of work during your shift, be sure you are using them safely and cleaning them after each use. If you apply essential oils to your mask, ensure you are using a 100%  pure essential oil product that is organic and does not contain other ingredients or fillers.

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Essential Oils for Better Moods

Essential Oils for Better Moods


Essential oils have a variety of scents and many of these contain health benefits. Scientific evidence shows that exposure to certain scents can trigger changes in mood due to the brain’s involvement in olfactory senses. The olfactory system is defined as the body’s perception of different smells, such as flowers, food, nature and even other humans in the form of pheromones.

Certain essential oils have been shown to trigger the olfactory system and can improve mood without the use of medication. Below is a list of essential oils that may can get you in a better mood.

  • Jasmine

Jasmine is a floral smelling essential oil obviously derived from the jasmine plant. It has been used for centuries and widely favored due to its enjoyable scent. This essential oil is actually the main ingredient in the very popular perfume, Chanel #5.

  • Bergamot

With a light tropical scent, bergamot is a favorite among essential oil users.  It has been used to induce a brighter mood and also can reduce agitation. Bergamot essential oil is in the citrus family and pairs well with lemon and orange essential oils.

  • Pine Tree

Exposure to nature has long been an important part of the human experience and with Pine tree essential oil, you can get the benefits of a woodsy scent without having to go on a camping trip. Adding a few drops of pine tree essential oil into your diffuser can create a calming, natural experience without you ever having to leave your home.

  • Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang oil is created when Cananga flowers are distilled and extracted into oil form. This oil has a strong, sweet scent and has been used for centuries for its aphrodisiac properties. Applying or diffusing this oil may help you get into a better mood or even in “the mood.”  Husbands beware!


Before you choose an essential oil product, be sure it is a pure 100% natural product.