Services Offered

Founder of Hope, Healing, Happy Co. Win Jackson was trained and educated by both the Holistic Arts Institute and also the University of Natural Health and proudly offers counsel on how to improve your quality of life.

Below is a list of the services Hope, Healing, Happy Co offers!


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Mind, Body, Spirit Assessment

Food allergy Assistance:

Food allergies can be difficult to manage but with the correct nutritional support, you can be able to enjoy food and again and manage your diet while still avoiding the foods that trigger issues. With Winslow’s assistance, you can learn to manage your diet despite the food allergies.

Hope, Healing, Happy Co. also proudly offer support groups, seminars and private counseling and would be honored to have the opportunity to educate and encourage your community, club or church!


Seminars Offered:

Action & Acceptance: Find the balance between letting go and trying harder.

Alternative Pain Relief Solutions

Auto-immune Disease

Conquering Kidney Stones
Cortisol: The master, mystery chemical in the body
Circadian Rhythm- Key to quality of life
Enduring Endometriosis
Gluten: Should you eat it?
Managing Migraines
The Caregivers Role in Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
The Roadmap to getting deathly ill (What NOT to do with your health)
The Trifecta Method to Wellness- Body, Mind & Spirit Health

Settling VS Contentment: Discerning when is it wrong to want more.

Finding Blessings in the Burdens: A unique insight on handling setbacks and tragedies with faith, humor and strength.

Life is a Team Sport: How to find the best team for your life and create a healthy support system.

Selfcare VS Selfishness: Understanding the fine line between taking care of yourself and putting others first.

Guided Biblical Meditation

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Biblical meditation sessions are offered to churches, community groups and private venues to find Peace of mind in the meditation of the Word of GOD. This class(es) are designed to teach Christians how to meditate on the Bible and find relaxation, peace and reduce anxiety in a biblical way.