Our Story



Win Jackson started her young career in geriatrics. She specialized in Alzheimer’s and Dementia and worked as a geriatric specialist. She continued her education, studying native american medicine, holistic health, herbalism, and nutrition. She then began working in holistic health.  But, upon her diagnosis of incurable illness, she was forced to find a new purpose. She started Hope, Healing, Happy Co. to help others live a better life.  She now works with clients who are struggling with their health and helps them achieve better quality of life in mind, body and spirit. She also makes natural products and educates people on how to live holistically.


Win volunteers her time as an advocate for those suffering with chronic illness, rare disease and disability through her 501c3 nonprofit patient advocacy organization, Adrenal Alternatives Foundation.


She is the also a published author, motivational speaker, freelance writer and columnist and has published the following books:Adrenal Insufficiency 101: The guide to managing adrenal disease.   The 30 day devotional series, Arsenal of Arrows Devotional Journal Challenge Series, the Peace by Piece 365 Inspirational Health Log Journal the children’s book The Shivering Sunbeam which explains disability in a way young minds can understand and Chronically Stoned: The Guide to Winning the Battle against Kidney Stones and UTI’s. All are available through Amazon, Kindle E-book and Barnes and Noble. Her inspirational fiction series – The EverVigilant Trilogy is available exclusively at townsendseries.com.


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