Tips for an Earth Friendly Thanksgiving

Tips for an Earth Friendly Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving celebrations are a time where we get together with our friends and family to remind ourselves of the things we are grateful for.  One thing we should be thankful for is the Earth we live on.  Below are some tips on how you can celebrate Thanksgiving in a “green” and earth friendly way!

1-Use Natural Products 

Paper plates, napkins and other disposable items can be replaced by biodegradable products that can be recycled in order to help reduce toxic debris.

2- Eat Organically

Buy locally. Research the local vendors in your area. Local farmers, beekeepers and bakeries typically provide less processed homemade options that are better for your health and can even taste better. Plus, you are supporting local business and local families!  You can utilize natural produce such as organic corn on the cob and organic yams to help eliminate exposure to GMOs this Thanksgiving.  Also, it is recommended you purchase an organic, free range Turkey. Everyone knows a Thanksgiving isn’t complete without a juicy turkey.   Serving your family a premium bird without antibiotics and toxins is the healthiest option.

3- Freshen your home naturally

A vital part of hosting an event in your home is the ambiance! If you want your home to be inviting to your guests, utilizing natural scents are a great way to promote a comforting atmosphere.  Essential Oil diffusers filled with holiday inspired blends can be placed around your home to help your guests experience aromatherapy. You can also use products such as natural beeswax  or soy candles to invigorate the air. 

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